The aim of the output is to develop parents' skills to support their children in the process of changing schools and adapting to the new education system and a new peer group, linguistically and culturally different.

The objective of the m-learning course is to constitute an emotional-psychological support to parents and sensitise them on how to support their children in the adaptation process.

They have been divided in 3 steps:

Infographics Food for thought Video
1.1 How to prepare your child for moving to another country?
1.2. Ways to help children say goodbye at school (to teachers and friends)
1.3. What to take care of before leaving a country?
1.4. What to ask a school head teacher? (Enrolling a child in a new school)
1.5. Where to look for help (before the arrival in a foreign country)

Infographics Food for thought Video
2.1. Visiting the school before the first day - what to consider?
2.2. What to ask a school head teacher? (Enrolling a new student)
2.3 How to prepare a child for the first day at school?
2.4. Child support network upon arrival in a new country. network of support of the child (after arrival)
2.5. How to prepare a conversation on a child's needs and expectations at a new school

Infographics Food for thought Video
3.1. How to become engaged? joining in parents board, contact with teachers
3.2. How to support your child in difficult situations in intercultural environment?
a. Loneliness
b. Shyness
c. Language problems
d. Rejection, violence from peers
e. Sense of alienation in new culture
f. Academic problems
3.3. How to help your child make new friends at school?
3.4. How to integrate a child within the local community?
3.5. Where to look for help?