The School Adaptability project developed an M-learning course for parents aimed at developing the skills of parents (emigrating to another country or returning to their home country after a period abroad) to help their children adapt to a new education system and to a new, linguistically and culturally different peer group.

The process has been divided into three steps and each step is divided into sub-themes. The steps are:

Step 1: Before leaving the country (transition process).
Step 2: On arrival/starting at a new school (until the first day of school)
Step 3: Attending a new school (first weeks, months)

The material developed consists of infographics, food for thought and a short video for each of the subtopics. In total, 21 infographics, food for thought templates and videos were developed.

The M-learning for parents is now completed and available on the website in the languages of all partners:

The partners have already started the piloting, for which a total of 120 parents from migrant origin or who have returned to their home country after a stay abroad are needed.

Based on the feedback received, the materials will be improved to make them  more relevant for the target group. Follow us on social media for updates.