The Changing Perspective is a fully online learning platform that is composed of 5 online training topics for primory school and lower-secondary school teachers/ educators to develop positive attituded, knowledge and skills towards inclusion and to make their classrooms a more effective learning environment for all pupils, including children from different cultures, and transform pedagogy. 

The e-platform is to be geared to teachers’ needs to provide individually adjusted support to pupils in diverse classrooms and to shape the teaching methodology according to the needs of the students. This virtual space for professional learning will enrich their professional capacity with added resources and materials, providing them with a wide array of strategies, approaches and methods to build inclusion, support equity and diversity in the classroom and to acknowledge the value migrant pupils bring to the community and the school environment. It will mainly draw on teachers’ development, influences and effects of the beliefs and attitudes in relation to the diverse classrooms.

 In order to improve the Toolkit for matching the real teachers/ educators that teach pupils with migrant background, SCHOOL ADAPT Partners organised a piloting activity in Italy, Spain, Poland and Cyprus for gathering feedback from schools.

Starting from Αpril 2023, 30 teachers/ educators per participating country asses the material/ topics developed and gave their feedback to the partnership. 

Overall, the feedback gathered in the project countries were very positive. Teachers agreed that the content of e-learning platform is very useful in supporting the adaptation process of migrant pupils.

Now the final version of the e-learning platform is available on the project website: