The Toolkit is a SCHOOL ADAPT result to provide a practical integration to the two Models in terms of tools, study materials and guidelines. The material can be used as a complete training beginning with the study and practice of specific skills and mindset and continuing with a step by step  set   of   tools   to   practice   with   the   Models   and   support   their implementation. The Training is completed by a set of resources to support coordinators and supervisors in training other teachers on the use of the Models. It is also possible to use the tools in each area of the toolkit separately according to the teachers educational and pedagogical needs.

In order to improve the Toolkit for matching the real needs of school with pupils with migrant background, SCHOOL ADAPT Partners organised a piloting activity in Italy, Spain, Poland and Cyprus for gathering feedback from schools.

Starting from March 2023, the activities involved teachers and their students in implementing some of the activities in the Toolkit and through a questionnaire it was possible to collect their feedback.

Overall the feedback gathered in the project countries were very positive. Teachers agreed that the content of the Toolkit is very useful in supporting the adaptation process of migrant pupils.

Now the final version of the Toolkit is available on the project website: