The next event disseminating the results of School Adaptability under the Erasmus + Program took place on June 5, 2023 at the School in Wohyn. Podlasie Units in Wohyń. Principals and teachers of schools from two districts participated in the conference entitled: "We support foreign students in the school environment"

The following modules were presented during the conference:

  1. "Education of foreigners in the Polish education system". Speaker: Brygida Fabrycka - senior inspector of the Education Board in Lublin, Branch Office in Biała Podlaska
  2. "Presentation of models for accepting a foreign student and a student returning to the country of origin, tools for teachers and materials supporting parents in the difficult process of child adaptation - teachers involved in work on the project "School adaptation as a key to the development of a child's potential - School Adapt" financed by Erasmus+ program. Speakers: Agnieszka Juszczyńska, Teresa Kowalczyk
  3. "Presentation of good practices developed in the School Complex. Podlasie Unity
    in Wohyń. Speaker: Renata Korczak, English teacher, school mediator at the School Complex. Podlasie Units in Wohyń.
  4. "Using the didactic game "Red Light on the Border" to build a friendly classroom environment. Speaker: Katarzyna Kalinowska, psychologist, therapist

After the conference, participants shared their impressions and established or strengthened personal bonds. It was difficult to leave.
The event included coffee service, sweet refreshments, lunch, participation in a competition with prizes and a set of electronic presentations. The event was highly rated by meeting participants in evaluation surveys.