The multiplier event of the School adaptability project took place on 26 June 2023. The organisation decided to hold the event in a civic centre in the city of Reus.

The event was attended by a total of 30 people (see Annex I), including teachers, educators, specialists and staff of the civic centre who run educational workshops. It should be noted that some of them have immigrant pupils or, for obvious reasons, will have them in the future, which is why they were interested in attending the event.

Participants expressed their opinion at the end of the event, as there was a moment of reflection.

They conveyed that the event had been extremely informative and enlightening, that I addressed a topic of great relevance in today's educational context. They wanted to congratulate us on the choice of topic. School adaptability is a crucial issue for students who experience significant cultural and educational changes when moving to a new country or returning to their home country. The focus on both groups of students allowed for a thorough understanding of the challenges they face and how schools and educational communities can effectively support them.

The workshops provided concrete ideas on how schools can create inclusive environments, establish support programmes and foster greater understanding among students. The final discussion session provided an opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals and educators interested in this topic. This fostered collaboration and the possibility of implementing some of the ideas shared in different educational contexts.

Overall, the event was a great success. The enriching discussions and innovative ideas presented will serve as a basis for implementing improvements in the way our educational institutions receive and support these students.