In order to spread the results and the best practices of SCHOOL ADAPT, Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti held the Multiplier event on 5 June 2023, in Palermo.

The choice of the location was made to favour the participation in the presence of relevant stakeholders, including the teachers of the ICS Capuana of Palermo who had previously participated in the piloting of the Toolkit.

Another organisation directly involved in the Multiplier event was ERIS Association, a vocational training school (with students aged between 12 and 17) based in Palermo. In fact many ERIS teachers showed a strong interest in the outputs developed during the project implementation, and in general in its aim to foster the social inclusion of students with a migrant background.

During the event, participants showed great interest in the topic. Some of them expressed the need to strengthen the skills of school staff to support migrant students. For this reason, the Models, the Toolkit, the course for teachers and for parents were presented and provided to the participants during a workshop.

The event was a success, involving 30 experts and teachers interested in the topics, totally in line with the real needs of Italian schools.

The multiplier event was an excellent opportunity to disseminate and capitalise on the project and its results. The event was also an opportunity for networking among the participating professionals and organisations to take further action in favour of social inclusion in schools.