The objective of this result is to develop parents' competencies so that they can help their children in the process of changing schools and adapting to a new educational system.

We decided to develop the material for parents through m-learning to provide them with emotional and psychological support and raise their awareness of the need to support their children in the adaptation process.

The material has been broken down in 3 steps:

  • Step 1. Before leaving the country (transition process).
  • Step 2. Upon arrival/starting at a new school (up to the first day of school)
  • Step 3. Attending new school (first weeks, months)

Besides, within each of these steps the partners have developed infographics, food for thought questions and videos explaining each of the steps.

More in depth, the first step focuses on giving advice to family members on how to prepare their child, how to help them say goodbye to their classmates and teachers, what to consider before leaving a country, what to ask a school principal and where to seek help before leaving the country.

Step 2 is based on explaining to the family members what to consider before visiting the school, what to ask the director on the first visit, how to prepare the child for the first day, what support networks they will find during the first days and how to prepare a conversation with the child about his or her needs and expectations.

Finally, step 3 explains to the family members how to become involved with the centre, for example by participating in the parents' association, how to support the child in difficult situations such as loneliness, shyness, academic problems, etc., how to help the child make new friends, how to integrate the child into the local community, and where to look for help.