Changing perspectives: An online e- learning platform

Changing perspective e-learning platform is a fully on-line learning platform with   5   trainings,   8   hours   each   training,   for   primary   and   lower-secondary teachers,   educators   which   aims   to   develop   positive   attitudes,   knowledge and skills towards inclusion and to make their classrooms effective learning environments for all pupils, including children from different cultures, and transform   pedagogy.   Each   course   covers   different   topic   of   intercultural education, contemporary importance.

The e-platform is geared to teachers’ needs to provide individually adjustedsupport   to   pupils   in   diverse   classroom   and   to   shape   the   teaching methodology   according   to   the   needs   of   students.   This   virtual  space   for professional   learning   is   heavily   assist   them   during   education   process   and adding   a   whole   extra   dimension   to   their   teaching   through   changing
perspective and encouraging them to do things differently. It enriches their professional capacity with added resources and materials, providing them with a wide array of strategies, approaches and methods to build inclusion, support   and   equity   and   diversity   in   the   classroom   and   acknowledge   the value migrant pupils bring to the community and classroom.

The platform is mainly draw on teacher’s development, influence and effects of the beliefs and attitudes in relation to the diverse classrooms. The role of attitude   is   powerful   as   it   affects   thinking,   perception   and   reaction, adjustment of the content of instruction, classroom environment, as well as effects belief in one’s success in carrying out the tasks accompanying the new   role.   The   e-learning   platform   is   helping   to   reconsider   their   current attitudes   and   change   up   to   and   cultivate   more   powerful   and   positive perspective in relation to work with migrant children. 

The topics included on the e-learning course are: 
1. Inclusive and intercultural education- A first approach and reflection 
2. Inclusive and Intercultural education- What teachers should know?
3. Inclusive and Intercultural education- Effective Communication 
4. Inclusive and Intercultural education- On a classroom level 
5. Inclusive and Intercultural education- On an individual level (1:1)

Visit and explore the platform, here

The platform has been developed by the partnership and it is currently on
the pilot testing phase and it will be officially ready by the end of June.