Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti with the Project Partners is responsible for the development of the TRAINING TOOLKIT - PUPIL ADAPTATION.
The purpose of this toolkit is to support the use of Models 1 and 2 with the following objectives:
● Train teachers on a set of core competencies through training tools.
● To provide support for the use and the application of the models.

We expect that after studying this Toolkit, teachers will be able to apply the guidelines proposed in the first and second Models with practicality and effectiveness.
In particular, this Toolkit will help teachers to:
● in adapting their educational and instructional work to the new conditions described by O1 and O2;
● in managing difficulties encountered during teaching activities;
● in becoming promoters of good integration practices within the school and society.

The material developed is the result of the joint work of experts from Italy, Spain, Poland and Cyprus and includes factsheets, Case studies, Learning scenarios, Activities and Monitoring and evaluation tools.

The Toolkit will be translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish and Greek and will be freely downloadable from the website.