Our partners

OIC Poland Foundation

OIC Poland Foundation, from 1991 acting for economic and social progress in the south-eastern Poland, belongs to the leading group of training organisations in Lublin region. The main aim of the OIC Poland Foundation is prevention of unemployment and fostering economic development by implementation of the educational and counselling programmes, targeted at inhabitants of the region. Since 2003, it has implemented more than 150 different projects co-funded by the EU under different programme as ESF, ERDF, 6th Framework Programme, Interreg IIIA and IIIC, LLP, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs or Erasmus + Programme, operating at local, national and international levels.



Center for Competence Development Cyprus- COMCY was established in 2014 in Nicosia, as a non-for-profit Training, Research and Development organisation, active in the field of project management, training & consulting. Our vision is to foster the social and business competencies of various target groups of the society (individuals, experts, beneficiaries and organisations) through innovative training solutions and methods.

The main aspects of experience and expertise of COMCY are:

  • previous experience in training and development activities (EU and National level)
  • expertise in the areas required and level of competence on it
  • access to the direct and indirect target groups



The Association of Educational programmes OpenEurope is a non-for-profit organisation that offers informal and non-formal learning opportunities to young people and youth workers and promotes youth participation in community life.

The association aims to provide access to teaching and learning materials to all learners and educators, paying special attention to cultural and functional diversity and universal design principles.

OpenEurope is the first and only qualified multiplier point in the province of Tarragona of the EU network EURODESK and also is the Town Hall’s International Mobility Service, providing information and guidance to all interested young people and youth workers.


Assisi International School

The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is a non-profit organization and a research institute in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, pedagogy and didactics.
Its goal is the promotion of wellbeing and peace by innovating the most powerful means of change, education, through research.




Xenion Junior School was established in 2014, aiming to provide an alternative to state education in Cyprus. Its main scope of work is to provide the highest standard of education services for its students in the 21st century’s world culture; of multiculturalism and multilingualism, technology development and movement of people. We provide a combination of strong academic education with a wide range of extra-curricular activities at a high standard quality. We work on developing the whole person in regards to key life competencies including creativity, emotional intelligence and social skills. Students are encouraged and empowered to be active citizens and to feel positive members of the society. The sense of responsibility and universal values are cultivated. Highly skilled teachers with strong academic backgrounds, in a wide variety of areas and several years of experience in the educational field at a global level, are considered as one of the main competitive advantages of our organization. We support and provide a warm and respectful school environment as we believe that is has a meaningful influence on student outcomes


Zespol Szkol im. Unitow Podlaskich w Wohyniu

Zespol Szkol im. Unitow Podlaskich w Wohyniu is is a non-for-profit organisation. School is divided into two levels: kindergarten contains 180 students age from 3 to 6, primary school 270 students age 7 to 15. 15 foreign students attend to school. They are refugees living in our community. There are 36 teachers working with our students. This projects are usually addressed to our community.